Orox Spindle

Enhancing Manufacturing with Data and Technology In the dynamic landscape of fabric cutting machines, managing extensive data is paramount.

Bottleneck Detector

Rapid product manufacturing requires constant monitoring and great production process optimization, hence

Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering

Robotics & Mechatronics Engineering Captivated by the unknown and complex, robotics and mechatronics engineers are at all times geared up for action. When met with a challenge, our engineers design and deliver astonishing products. Software development AI for robotics ROS-based solutions, dedicated algorithms and control systems Hardware and firmware development CAD design Rapid product development […]

Software development

Software development services Creativity does not lie in the cutting edge technology, it resides in being smart enough when stepping into the unknown. Afterwards, a proper set of skills justifies the ambition of delivering outstanding custom software solutions. Building projects from idea to production Adapting and improving existing projects Integrating cloud based solutions Continually working […]

Quality assurance

Quality assurance services The QA team takes a systematic approach to ensure that the product developed and delivered to the customer meets with the contractual and other agreed upon performance, design, reliability, and maintainability expectations of the customer Manual & Automated testing: functional & non – functional Load & Performance testing Running test plans Level […]


Existing 3D mapping devices are costly with several problems – often they produce not-so-reliable maps, and usually, they are sold as drone


Managing large volumes of food in order to provide the same quality each and every time is a difficult task – but there is a robotic solution.


Harvesting – simple, repetitive tasks in a relatively structured environment – still accounts for 25% of all costs in strawberry production.

HRC Hand

Delicate item handling and packing is still a labor-intensive manual job that is limiting the expansion and lowering the efficiency and