Existing 3D mapping devices are costly with several problems – often they produce not-so-reliable maps, and usually, they are sold as drone versions or systems mounted on a ground vehicle. Additionally to being expensive, they are often intended for very specific applications.

LyraScan is a flexible and modular 3D mapping system that can be used as a handheld or for mounting on any vehicle or drone with interchangeable 3D LiDAR sensors according to its purpose

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Unlike other mapping devices, LyraScan system has interchangeable sensors from both Livox and Velodyne manufacturers which provide supreme maps tailored to the client’s needs with up to ± 3 cm range accuracy. Two types of sensors deliver a wide range for their usage where one is more suitable for object scanning with more detailed maps and the other for wide areas where object distance and data amount are a challenge.

The complete

Lyra S1 is a fully autonomous device that contains a GPU-powered computer, a wireless communication module and a battery power supply. Sensor fusion between 3D LiDAR, camera, GPS, and IMUs makes it possible to improve mapping algorithms based on artificial intelligence that provides mapping in real-time.

Portable & efficient

LiDAR systems used to be heavy and were previously only operated from manned planes or helicopters. However, the new LyraScan is a compact, uniquely designed, lightweight autonomous 3D mapper that can be easily operated in unapproachable places.