Enhancing Manufacturing with Data and Technology

In the dynamic landscape of fabric cutting machines, managing extensive data is paramount. Orox Group, a pioneering Italian tech company dedicated to precision, takes center stage in this endeavor. Their cutting, spreading, labeling, table, and software solutions are meticulously fine-tuned for peak efficiency, setting the industry standard. 

Sigmoid plays a pivotal role in this transformation as a technology partner, our team of engineers leverage cutting-edge innovations to amplify Orox’s commitment to precision and efficiency, reshaping the manufacturing landscape. 

Creating Additional Value for Customers

To enhance their customer’s experience, Orox requested a software platform that could gather relevant performance and manufacturing process data from the cutting machines and provide users with valuable insights into their production process.

Bringing Customers

Recognizing that customer relationships don’t end when a machine is sold, Orox Group is dedicated to providing the best possible support for their customers. Sigmoid engineers  created a mobile application for clients (available on both iOS and Android) to provide easy access to machine documentation, support, and in the future, a direct communication channel with Orox’s technical and sales team. Another part of the platform is a back-office web application where Orox Group administrators have a comprehensive overview of all the machines in production and the client database. This provides them with enough data to offer the best possible support when queries come from the field. 


In our pursuit of excellence, our QA team has harnessed a range of technologies with manual testing for web, mobile applications and automated end-to-end tests. Accessibility and performance testing are also on our horizon, creating a comprehensive approach to quality assurance.

we used

We’ve leveraged AWS Cloud for the infrastructure needs and with dedicated service for data collection communicating over gRPC we achieved high performance and scalability so it is possible to support thousands of machines sending near real time data.

For the Back-office application we used React.js in combination with industry standard libraries to create a clean interface and maintainable solution with rich community support.

Flutter allowed us to have a common code base for both major mobile platforms and provide the same user experience for both iOS and Android users alike, while helping clients reach more users with smaller investment.